Animal Care

Horse Care Apprenticeships


Horse care is offered as a Diploma qualification at levels 2, and 3. As with all Work based learning an appropriate placement is required for practical training It also involves production of a portfolio in a suitable work placement (e.g. riding stables, Livery yard etc...). Progress is assessed in the workplace with an external test for the Technical certificate. Training will be co-ordinated with an approved employer and individual training programs formulated for each individual student.

Level 2 Diploma Horse Care Apprenticeship

Functional Skills
Level 1 - English
Level 1 - Maths
Technical certificate

Level 3 Diploma Horse Care Advanced Apprenticeship

Functional Skills
Level 2 - English
Level 2 - maths
Level 2 – Working with others

Technical certificate

Entry Requirements:

There are no formal entry requirements each candidate will be considered individually.